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Rotharium Food stands for transparent food traceability and the strengthening of regional agriculture. We bring consumers, manufacturers, farmers and producers closer together. Sustainable consumption of food is a matter of course for us.

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What is Rotharium Food?

Record manufacturing processes transparently

Manufacturers, farmers and producers can record the production process of their food using a blockchain based software solution. From production to sale, the supply chain is documented seamlessly and transparently. Consumers can view information on labelled products as well as their manufacturers at any time via the Rotharium Food platform.

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Transparency for manufacturers
and consumers


Manufacturers, farmers and producers can display their entire production and distribution process in the blockchain and label products with Rotharium Food Stickers.

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Consumers receive transparent information about labelled products and their manufacture.

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How does Rotharium Food work?


Marked by Rotharium Food Sticker

The manufacturer, farmer or producer uses the Rotharium Food App to record his products and production steps. Rotharium Food Stickers are then placed on the product and the data is stored decentrally in the blockchain.


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The consumer can call up information on the products marked with the Rotharium Food Sticker by means of code input or QR code scan. No matter whether with Smartphone or over a conventional Desktop Browser.


Information about product and manufacturer

The consumer receives detailed information about the producer, personal stories about the farm and details about the production and harvesting process of a farmer.

We focus on sustainable and regional products for consumers.

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Receive information on new product expansions
and regional producers in your area.

Rotharium Food Seal

Look out for the Rotharium Food Sticker

Products marked with the Rotharium Food Sticker can be found in supermarkets as well as in local markets. They stand for sustainable and transparent production and harvesting and are used by producers all over Europe.

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Early Supporters

Ecological care

Since more than 260 years the viniculture belongs to the history of our family. A tradition where trust is given to the children by their parents.

The Rieder family appreciates transparency

Watermelons from Austria

Hannes Windhaber, who is passionate about his craft, also focuses - other than many of his competitors in eastern Lower Austria - on organic farming.

Hannes focuses on organic farming

You are what you eat

Aura Delicacies sells high quality brandies from their own Croatian distillery.

Martin focuses on quality

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