What exactly is RothariumFood.com?

RothariumFood.com is a Blockchain based platform that allows everyone to find different agricultural products and manufacturers in their immediate area.

What is the purpose of the R-Food App?

With the R-Food App, producers are able to create a public profile and define their products in detail. These profiles are visible to everyone on RothariumFood.com. The application is free to use, with a fee based premium membership..

What does the app have to do with the Blockchain?

The app allows premium members to save their already defined product data via the decentralized (without server systems) Ethereum blockchain.

I am a manufacturer/producer. How can I use Rotharium Food?

Download the R-Food app from the App Store (iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android). You can register with your Facebook account or click on the “Register Now” button below and create an account with your email address. If you are registering with your email address, enter your email address and define a password, complete the profile information, accept the terms and conditions, and then click “Create Profile”. You will then receive a confirmation email.

I did not receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

Please check whether the e-mail has not ended up in the spam folder. If not, wait a few minutes, sometimes it might take a little longer. If you still haven’t received an email yet, please contact our support team.

What does a Premium Membership include?

With a Premium Membership it is possible to create QR Codes for your products which are also strengthened by a Blockchain integration.

How do I search for Manufacturers/Producers on RothariumFood.com?

Click on “Find product “. A page will appear – below you will find a map showing all manufacturers.

How do I search for products at RothariumFood.com?

By using the field “Find product” you can enter the number code, which can be found below the QR code, and you will be automatically sent to the product information page.

What are Rotharium Food QR Codes?

With the Rotharium Food QR code, main details about the product are shown. If you find a QR code, you can get specific information on the product and its producer via QR code scanner. (If scanning is not possible, you can enter the code on RothariumFood.com.)

What products can I find on RothariumFood.com?

At RothariumFood.com among others you will find fruits, vegetables, dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, cereals and beverages.

How do I find product information via smartphone?

If you have noticed a Rotharium Food Sticker/QR code, you can simply scan it with your smart- or cell-phone camera and you will be automatically redirected to the product information.

Which products are not allowed at RothariumFood.com?

Food and consumer goods that violate Austrian Federal Food legislation, or other relevant legal regulations.

How do I report an issue or submit an inquiry?

You can send us an email at support@rotharium.com with your request.

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