How Rotharium Food works for manufacturers

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of sustainable products and manufacturing processes. Rotharium Food offers you the opportunity to present your products to the consumer in a serious and transparent way and to build trust.

How to label products?


Download the app
and register

Download Rotharium Food App and register as a manufacturer. You create your personal profile and can present yourself and your farm.


Enter products
and upload them online.

Your production steps can be easily created through a supported recording process. Provide information on production and harvest.


Print and apply Rotharium Food Stickers

You can easily print Rotharium Food Stickers yourself or request them from us. Attach them to your products.

What's the use?

Range increase

Consumers buy products from manufacturers they trust. Show your consumers who you are and what values are important to you and your products.

Download App

Raise awareness

Sustainable consumption is becoming increasingly important in today's society. Support this movement and show transparency about your manufacturing processes.

Find out more

Get information about new product expansions and regional producers in your area.

Available for 

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